Before, there were scorecards.

Now, there’s Daily Pulse.

With Marquis IQ™ Daily Pulse, automatically get critical KPIs into leaders’ hands – fast. Measure the heartbeat of your business with intelligence, alerts, and detailed workflows that are baked right in.

Don’t just keep score, win the game.

Too many businesses are plagued with data in disparate systems: thousands of disconnected Excel reports and no at-a glance visibility on business health. Sure, there may be dashboards keeping score, but behind the screens are misunderstood measurements, highly manual data capture methods, and pockets of hoarded data.

realize the full potential
It’s time take control.

Leave the old scorecards behind and realize the full potential of your data with an instant, integrated, and automated solution that intuitively presents the key information you need right at your fingertips – and drives powerful impact back to your business. With Marquis IQ Daily Pulse, we’ve redefined what you can expect from your daily business scorecard.

At-a glance business health, down to the tiniest detail, automatically delivered to your inbox.

Easy to use, easy to access (regardless of your location), with data built around the custom metrics that are meaningful to your business.

Rapid deployment! Out of the box integration with certified connectors gets you up and running in days, not months.

Visually stunning user interface, makes understanding and navigating your data a breeze.


Certified Connectors

We instantly map your data using our library of Certified Connectors, so you go from install to insights in no time.

Wondering about a particular platform? Ask us!

View our Certified Data Connectors Here


certified connectors to
choose from.


Get the Business Solution that Matches your Need

We’ve spent years cultivating expertise and compiling industry knowledge into a group of standard analytics models that really deliver. Outcome- oriented and activity-specific, Marquis IQ models are the brains of the operation – and their power is proven.

Marquis IQ Daily Pulse

Monitor your company’s performance daily from a single place – your “daily pulse”. Delivered directly to your inbox each morning or available interactively anytime, you’ll stay on top of everything with ease.

Marquis IQ Customer 360

Know your customer like never before. See every interaction with your customer in a single place for unprecedented insight. Remain up- to-date on everything from orders, service calls, shipments, and more in a single simple view.

Marquis IQ Signals

Stop trying to manage your business or teams in Excel and automate. Detect needed actions within your data, and assign and triage seamlessly. Transform how your organization detects opportunities and drives action – using data.

Marquis IQ Workstream

Our workstream-specific solutions maximize impact for your business. Automate industry best practices in Account Receivable, Accounts Payable, Inventory Management, Aftermarket Sales & Service, and more. The Magic is in the Models.TM

It’s Fast.

Rapid deployment with certified connectors. Start making a difference in just days – rather than months.

It’s Ultra-modern.

Marquis IQ represents the future of data-enablement technology. We’re putting it in your hands today.

It’s Proven.

Our Marquis IQ industry solutions builds on over 20 years of experience and delivers impact right out-of-the-box.

Let us help you level up your business, whether you’re in need of our Marquis IQ Technology Stack, or our business analytics experts.

We’ve got the kind of hands-on experience that you can’t learn unless you’re living it. The kind of experience that keeps us at the forefront of the analytics game – often making us the first to set industry benchmarks and develop new best practices.tune with the state of your business – automatically.

Let’s talk about your data.

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