Signia’s Journey to Success with Marquis Data – A Customer Testimonial

From a leadership standpoint, Marquis Data is one of the most vital tools we utilize to run our business more efficiently.

“At Signia, innovation and precision are at the core of what we do. As a trusted partner in manufacturing highly specialized aircraft systems and components, seamless data management is key. The team at Marquis Data has not only provided us with deeper visibility into our data but has also connected disparate systems and crafted tailored solutions that are instrumental in maintaining our business trajectory and driving operational enhancements.

Marquis IQ serves as a practical tool, enabling us to consistently monitor our business performance and efficiently manage multiple organizations. The team’s unique understanding of the industrial space and data delivery is a highly valued skillset that complements our internal team, enabling us to make and implement smarter decisions, faster.

Leveraging our data is key. With Marquis Data tools we are able to identify avenues for business improvement, institute standardized processes for commercial compliance, and streamline activities within our commercial work stream.

If your organization seeks a dynamic partner to drive growth, efficiency, and commercial excellence, I recommend the Marquis Data team.”

Norman Jordan
Signia Aerospace

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