Marquis Data: Revolutionizing Pricing Strategies – A Testimonial from Cooper

Marquis IQ has netted us millions in incremental savings and price uplifts, while also shaping our strategy and vision.

“Marquis Data’s, SaaS solutions have completely revolutionized our pricing processes, leading to tangible improvements in our organization’s profitability. We have a diverse range of products and services offered globally, and Marquis IQ provides us with an efficient and comprehensive view of our pricing landscape.

Initially skeptical, I didn’t realize the immense value Marquis Data would bring to our operations. However, it quickly became an indispensable tool, one we can’t imagine running the business without.

The team at Marquis Data expertly guided us through what was possible with our data and the customized solutions they implemented, making me a devoted supporter and user.

Our dashboards have become invaluable for our business, providing even more insight than what our PE ownership firm requires as a baseline – and empowering us to make informed business decisions, fast.

Marquis IQ has netted us millions in incremental savings and price uplifts, while also shaping our strategy and vision.

As our guiding warning system, the tool empowers us to make swift adjustments in response to cost fluctuations and provides our sales team with autonomy. Alerts and warnings give us valuable insights, guiding desired behavior throughout the organization without handholding.

Marquis Data’s impact on our business is immeasurable, resulting in substantial bottom-line performance improvements.

Managing nine product lines, five service lines, and operations across 70 countries with millions of part numbers is no easy task, but Marquis Data ensures complete visibility into every aspect of our business.

With Marquis Data, we confidently navigate our pricing strategies, unlocking new levels of success and efficiency.

For anyone seeking a transformative partner to optimize pricing and drive profitability, I wholeheartedly recommend Marquis Data.”

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Matt Forcey
Chief Marketing Officer

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