Transforming our Business with Marquis Data: An Unparalleled Journey

Marquis Data's business intelligence brings substantial cost savings opportunities, propelling efficiency.

“At SHAPE, we started with a vision, a whiteboard, and a determination to make the impossible possible. Over the past decade, Marquis Data has been the driving force behind our remarkable journey to unify data from disparate systems, creating a seamless process and powerful tool that has revolutionized our operations.

Longevity is a testament to the trust we place in Marquis Data. As we continue to grow through acquisitions, their solution has made integrating new companies a breeze, enabling us to expand our capabilities with ease.

Now, with critical data at our fingertips, self-service capabilities deployed globally, real-time integrations between our enterprise systems, and data-driven insights from scheduled business reviews, we are now empowered to understand, predict, and unlock unprecedented growth.

Marquis Data has unraveled the complexity of over 13 ERP systems and numerous CRM systems, bringing harmony to our business by allowing them to speak the same language. The normalization of data has enabled performance improvements across the board.

Key areas such as Inventory, Equipment Sales, Operations, Procurement and Aftermarket Sales have seen tremendous improvements, thanks to the solutions provided by Marquis Data. With their business intelligence solutions, we have witnessed substantial cost savings opportunities, propelling our efficiency to new heights.

Their influence has been so transformative that we can’t recommend them enough. Marquis Data has become an indispensable partner in our journey towards business success.

Discover the magic of Marquis Data and unlock the true potential of your business. We did, and it’s been nothing short of extraordinary.”

Join the Revolution: Experience Marquis Data.

Daric Schweikart
Vice President of Information Technology
Shape Technologies Group

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