5 Features You Can’t Ignore in the Marquis IQ 2023.3 Release

We’re excited to introduce the Top 5 Game-Changing Enhancements now available with the Marquis IQ 2023.3 Release. Dive in and discover more, below!
Never lose a customer again with Marquis IQ for Sales
Empower your sales team with the tools they need to focus on what matters most – driving revenue growth. Say goodbye to cobbling together CRM leads and ERP sales data. Let Marquis IQ for Sales take the reins, automating the entire process.
Improve Cash Flow like never before with Marquis IQ for AR Collections
Streamline your cash flow with data-powered AR collection tools, reducing past due and boosting your financial stability. Whether you have 1 or 100 billing systems, release the power of data to flip the script on cash collections. With standard tools, integrated dunning workflow and automated statement distribution the light has never been brighter for the collections team.
Level-Up your Purchasing Power with Marquis IQ for Procurement
Elevate your procurement team with advanced data tools, enhancing efficiency and cost savings in supply chain. Leverage the power of your data to identify opportunities in purchasing and automate the calls to action with proprietary workflow solutions offered by Marquis IQ for Procurement.
Leapfrog your competition with Marquis IQ Business Enrichment
Fuel better decision-making with enriched company data, providing you with actionable insights for smarter strategies. Eliminate duplicate accounts, incomplete or dirty information, and know your customers and suppliers like never before. Run a smarter business with better data – fully automated and up to date.
Save time and improve insights with Marquis IQ Daily Digest
Tired of juggling a handful of morning reports in your inbox or worse clicking through countless dashboards in a web portal? Yuck! Marquis IQ Daily Digest condenses all your vital information into a single, easy-to-digest email each morning. Your single pane of glass to see and understand your complete business – now that’s smart.
The future of smarter manufacturing is now, and we’re excited to lead you on this journey. Contact our team, today!

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