Automated, Cloud-Based Analytics

Designed, tested, and proven to grow and scale aftermarket business.
Keep a pulse on your customer and reveal your blueprint to strategic aftermarket business growth.
Meet marquis-iq Aftermarket Solutions
We’ve channeled our aftermarket analytics expertise into a cloud-based solution that will help you uncover the DNA of your customers, so you know what they need, before they do. With Marquis IQ you get a 360-degree view of your aftermarket business and take the guesswork out of growth.

Aftermarket wins have never been easier.

The Magic is in our SaaS Platform’s Custom Models

Here’s how it works:

Connect your data (no matter where it lives or what system it’s in) to the Marquis IQ Platform. Here, we’ll put our aftermarket know-how and proprietary standard analytics models to work for you.
Your hundreds of thousands of lines of raw data will be transformed into meaningful visualizations created specifically for aftermarket business.
We turn your goals into easy-to-use visualizations that foster confident decision-making and keep everyone on track. Using our Marquis IQ™ models, we create real-time signals to keep you in tune with the state of your business – automatically.
Easily visualize KPI’s and important data in one user-friendly platform.
Quickly take your visualizations from light to dark mode.
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I’m a live dashboard!
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Receive alerts and access your data from anywhere.

Service calls up? Inventory low? Did you lose a customer for one sale, or for the future?

We detect changes in customer behavior and alert you with automated signals so you can react – fast.

Is gross margin eroding your profitability?

Quickly identify where and how to course correct and optimize pricing.

Experiencing customer churn?

Monitor key accounts for changes in buying frequency.

Connect your data to the Marquis IQ platform.

Clean it. Transform it. View it. Share it. Embed It. Act and improve your business.

    Unmistakably Marquis.

    We’ve got the kind of hands-on experience that you can’t learn unless you’re living it. The kind of experience that keeps us at the forefront of the analytics game – often making us the first to set industry benchmarks and develop new best practices.

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