Is Your Dirty Data Costing You Money?

Introducing Marquis IQ Business Mastering powered by AI+ML—an innovative solution that revolutionizes data management and accuracy.

In today’s world, there are two types of individuals: those who acknowledge the existence of messy data and those who deny it (or worse, lie about it). While master data solutions exist, relying solely on them is insufficient. Many businesses swear by these tools, but there’s a catch—they heavily rely on human intervention.

Business users are often overwhelmed, juggling multiple responsibilities, facing tight deadlines, and dealing with personal lives that bring a whirlwind of emotions. Consequently, it’s no surprise that most clients settle for low mastering scores and find the cost of increasing even a 5% confidence score on mastering data too burdensome.

But what if there was a solution that could significantly improve your mastering data accuracy without burdening your critical team members? Imagine achieving a 5%, 10%, or even 25%+ boost in accuracy effortlessly. With Marquis IQ Business Mastering, you gain the ability to comprehensively understand the share of wallet by customer, total spend by supplier, and precise usage metrics by part—all with minimal manual effort.

Picture the power of supplier negotiations when armed with accurate spending data, enabling you to secure better payment terms and increased loyalty discounts effortlessly. It’s all possible with Marquis IQ Business Mastering, where AI and ML technologies seamlessly combine to unlock unprecedented data accuracy and insights.

With Marquis IQ Business Mastering, you can wave goodbye to the struggles of data management, freeing up valuable time and resources for your core team. Embrace the future of data accuracy and make informed decisions with ease.

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