Why Automation is the Key to Scale

Unlock the power of Automation in the BI industry. Marquis Data's Alert Framework™ seamlessly integrates data visualization with automated actions, creating an Intelligent Business that proactively addresses critical issues.

While the Business Intelligence (BI) industry had been dominated by Data Visualization for the past 15 years, the true hero behind the success might have been Automation.

This week, Marquis Data held our annual corporate offsite, providing an excellent opportunity for (re)connecting and (re)charging. During the event, we discussed successful projects from the last 12 months and our 18-month Marquis IQ product roadmap at length. One recurring theme in client success stories emerged – Automation.

Data Visualization, championed by companies like Microsoft and Tableau (Salesforce), was a breakthrough in BI, enabling people to comprehend trends and patterns more easily. However, upon reflection, it becomes evident that Automation played an equally crucial role. While great dashboards are effective in identifying at-risk customers or parts with inflationary cost headwinds, the greatest value is in having a system that can take appropriate actions or initiate the necessary workflows automatically.

At Marquis Data, we integrated this concept into our Marquis IQ product years ago through our Alert Framework™. Alongside creating informative dashboards to see process defects or opportunities, we also automated the process of generating calls-to-action and assigning them to the appropriate personnel.

Imagine having a system that can identify a customer showing signs of churn, parts facing gradually increasing supplier costs, or customers with overdue accounts receivables. With the Marquis IQ Alert Framework™, these issues are automatically detected, and alerts are sent out, initiating structured business processes and defined actions to address and resolve each situation.

Data-driven business intelligence, automated alerts, repeatable workflow, and defined dispositions. Now that’s an Intelligent Business.

Some of the best dashboards aren’t dashboards at all!

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